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As excitement spreads for the highly anticipated availability of our distinct wines, stay in touch with the latest from Boulevard Estate.

Boulevard Estate

September 2014


As a custom crush contract négociant, Boulevard Estate is working with vineyards in the Willamette Valley AVA, where the first Oregon wine grapes were planted, to chase down the grapes that best reflect the region’s terroir.

This season’s offerings include a cheery, social Pinot Noir Rosé, a stately, crisp Pinot Blanc, and a red-blooded, full-bodied Pinot Noir — all telling of Oregon’s place and character. The Rosé and Blanc are bottled and available for purchase, while the Noir will be released in December, 2014. The wines are currently available at select restaurants, such as Carson’s at The Moderne (301 West Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee), and through temperature-controlled shipments when purchased at

Cool Pacific Ocean breezes and dry, sunny summers provide a more complex grape as the fruit is forced to work a little harder to grow. By many accounts, Oregon’s 2012 grapes have produced the best Pinot Noir to date. Boulevard Estate begins its journey using the 2013 growing season’s grapes, which are expected to surpass them.

Boulevard Estate has spent years of planning and hard work to bring Oregon wines out into the wide world and they are expected to create growing excitement in the industry.

Boulevard Estate. The Boulevard begins in Oregon and ends at your table.

WILLAMETTE VALLEY, OREGON — Oregon is fast being recognized as a premier winemaking region, as it has been quietly producing some of the finest Pinot Noir anywhere in the world. Often compared to noteworthy wine regions in France, most especially Burgundy, the Willamette Valley’s altitude, climate, and rich Jory soil is proving to surpass its hallowed analogues by producing wines that consistently top wine tasters’ lists, year after year.

And within all of the Valley, no one produces Pinot grapes like the Dundee Hills region, nestled in the Northwest, whose growing conditions – with its warm, sunny days, and cool, maturing evenings — are the envy of its neighbors and toast of the wine world.