Wine from the Heart of Willamette Valley, Oregon

Boulevard Estate

From the heart of Willamette Valley.

In Dundee Hills, surrounded by some of the finest wineries in the country, our winemaker sources grapes from Oregon vineyards known for award-winning Pinot. 

Boulevard Estate wines are as unique as the land that produces them.

They all receive a high level of planning and care, and use only the best local fruit. Boulevard Estate brings a world-class wine region, fantastic fruit, a heritage Oregon winery, and a top French winemaker together to create some of the best wines in the US.

As a custom crush contract négociant, we are working with vineyards in the Willamette Valley, an American Viticultural Area where the first Oregon wine grapes were planted, to chase down the grapes that best reflect the region’s terroir. This season’s offerings include a cheery, social Pinot Noir Rose; a stately, crisp Pinot Blanc; and a red-blooded, full-bodied Pinot Noir – all telling of Oregon’s place and character.


Willamette Valley, some 16 million years in the making, is cradled between the Oregon Coastal Range to the West, the Cascade Mountains to the North and East, and the lovely Calapooya Mountains to the South. From eons of violent tectonic plate collision and volcanic activity, to soothing millennia of soil-rich glacial flooding, the Willamette Valley has emerged with unique microclimates best suited to coaxing the skittish Pinot Noir grape, and its cousins, into confidence.

Oregon is fast being recognized as a premier winemaking region, as it has been quietly producing some of the finest Pinot Noir anywhere in the world.

Often compared to noteworthy wine regions in France, most especially Burgundy, the Willamette Valley’s altitude, climate, and rich Jory soil is proving to surpass its hallowed analogues by producing wines that consistently top wine tasters’ lists, year after year.

And within all of the Valley, no one produces Pinot grapes like the Dundee Hills region, nestled in the Northwest, whose growing conditions – with its warm, sunny days, and cool, maturing evenings - are the envy of its neighbors, and toast of the wine world. Those lucky enough to have a chance to sample its fruits, that is.

Until now, Oregon has had a way of hanging on to its treasured wine, much like a dragon its hoard. Of all the wine produced in the state, only a pittance makes it out to the rest of us. We dreamed of opening that treasure to bring the best and most unique Oregon wines to the world. Taste our wines, and you will agree his first foray has been an astounding success.

We at Boulevard Estate have partnered with Dundee Hills’ De Ponte Cellars winery and their 28 year veteran-winemaker, Isabelle Dutartre, to bring out the best in Oregon wines – and to give the rest of the world a chance to enjoy them. It took years of planning and hard work to deliver our first batch of wines, but at last they are available through limited distribution via our website and select restaurants.

The Boulevard begins in Oregon and ends at your table.

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